Friday, May 26, 2006

Hastert's Balance of Powers

In "signing statements" Bush willingly and knowingly violate not only FISA laws but the Fourch Ammendment by spying on domestic phone calls.

Hastert said nothing.

After videotaping a Congressman accepting cash bribes and finding thousands of dollars wrapped in foil in said Congressman's home freezer ( the mattress was full?), FBI raids his congressional office.

Hastert has a fit. "Violating the separation of powers!" or some such.

Let's kill this "upsetting the balance of powers" meme right now.

They had a warrant. Warrant = Judicial Branch.

If they didn't have concurrance from the judicial (a warrant), then that would be an unsettling situation. But when two branches of Gub both concur that there's enough reason to search, then by George that's why we have a "balance of powers" instead of "three powers that allow each other to get away with anything" situation that's been going on since 2000.

Actually, come to think of it, compared to the whole NSA mess, FBI getting a warrant is actually an exception to recent patterns...

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