Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Border: After We Were Against It

Shrub's proposal to put National Guard on the border?

Take it away, Josh.

Yet another example of how this administration is concerned only with *appearing* to address a problem... then ignoring it. This is nothing new in politics. The only impressive thing here is the dramatic degree to which this administration relies on the practice.

If it doesn't involve putting money in donor's pockets, forget it.

Josh has another very interesting insight:

After more than a little trying I think I've finally gotten a handle on this immigration debate. Or at least the president's slice of it, which goes by the name of 'comprehensive immigration reform'. If I understand this right, 'comprehensive' reform is reform that's so comprehensive that it reforms the thing in question in every way possible at the same time.

So, for instance, comprehensive sex reform -- which, given how things are going in Washington, could be just around the corner -- would mean expanding abstinence education and reducing the number of sexually active teenagers while also fulfilling the universal dream of teenagers everywhere to get laid.

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